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Coronavirus (COVID19)  – Funeral Guidance

Updated 1st April 2020

Bradford Council suspends funeral services in their Crematorium Chapels

On Wednesday 1st April 2020 Bradford Council announced that they are no longer going to permit funeral services in their crematorium chapels at Scholemoor, Nab Wood and Oakworth.Parkwood crematorium in Calderdale and Fixby crematorium in Kirklees are the other local authorities who have implemented similar rules and they have all followed on from Leeds Council who took the same action previously. Leeds Council operate crematoriums at Rawdon, Lawnswood and Cottingley.

The priority at Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd, is to ensure the health and wellbeing of bereaved relatives, their friends and our staff, as well as respecting the dignity of the deceased.

Our family owned business, Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd have been providing a funeral service to families in Bradford for 112 years and our records show that we have never faced a challenge such as Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus (COVID19)  – Funeral Guidance

Updated 25th March 2020

Following the Statement by the Prime Minister on Monday 23rd March 2020, every aspect of what we consider to be a traditional funeral service has now changed. The priority at Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd,.is to try and ensure the health and wellbeing of bereaved relatives, their friends and our staff as well as respecting the dignity of the deceased.

Unfortunately the coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate and local Councils do not have a uniform policy on how cremation and burial services should be provided and maintained. In addition policies that are introduced are understandably revised on a regular basis.

Funeral directors at Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd., are working with local authorities to ensure that everyone who will be arranging a funeral or who would like to attend a service have the most appropriate and complete service possible.

A ‘Simple Dignified Funeral’ has been introduced to provide for the needs of bereaved families that can be accommodated by the local cremation authorities in today’s most difficult and challenging environment.

Currently individual crematoriums have different rules regarding funeral services, examples of which are shown below. If you require any additional information or guidance please do not hesitate to contact us. Please bear in mind that the new rules are beyond our control and are subject to change at very short notice:

Churches, places of worship and meeting rooms.
At this point in time there are no venues available for funeral services other than some crematorium chapels;

Leeds Council – Rawdon, Lawnswood and Cottingley crematoriums
“Cremation Services will be taken ONLY AS ‘DIRECT CREMATION SERVICES’. There will be no family or minister attendance, no music or service. As a direct cremation service, the charge will be £550 as per their schedule of fees. There will also be no opportunity to book any of the Burial Chapels as these will also remain shut until further notice.”
From Bereavement services, Leeds City Council 20th March 2020

Calderdale Council – Parkwood Crematorium
“From Wednesday 25th March 2020, the number of mourners who will be allowed;

  • Up to 10 mourners can now only be present per funeral both Cremation and Burial
  • We ask that mourners respect the two metre social distance rule at the graveside and in the chapel

If mourners do not respect the social distancing rules when asked, the council may need to consider withdrawing mourner participation at the graveside and chapel and council staff will backfill graves only when mourners are a safe distance away.”

Bradford Council – Scholemoor, Nab wood and Oakworth Crematoriums

  • “Regrettably, with immediate effect we [Bradford Council] are restricting mourners attending either a burial or cremation to 20 people. This is to allow for adequate social distancing of mourners, many of whom could be elderly and vulnerable and to protect our [crematorium]  workforce.
  • Funeral directors are requested to restrict mourners from gathering around the catafalque.
  • The collection of cremated remains is to be made by prior appointment with the Bereavement Service Office during this pandemic period. The Applicant for cremation will no longer be able to collect cremated remains.
  • All Service / Hymn Books have been removed from the crematoria chapels.
  • Funeral directors to ensure that their bearers wear protective gloves when lowering coffin into grave. (Funeral Directors to provide own PPE)”

From Bereavement Services, Bradford Council 22nd March 2020

Joseph A. Hey & Son Ltd., is a proud family owned and managed funeral business and our funeral directors are qualified and have gained enormous experience over many years of service. We understand that you may wish to discuss certain aspects of the above or you may have questions that we at Joseph A. Hey & Son Ltd., have not addressed on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help and guidance on 01274 571021 or


Coronavirus (COVID19)  – Funeral Guidance

Update Thursday 19th March 2020 18:57

The following information is provided by Joseph A. Hey & Son Ltd., to assist families who are involved with funeral arrangements or for individuals who are considering attending a funeral.

At the moment we are at the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak and funerals that have already been arranged are unaffected. Services at the crematorium chapel or a place of worship, such as a church or chapel etc.,  are proceeding as normal. We are finding that a number of elderly people or people who would consider themselves at ‘high risk’, are offering their apologies and not attending funeral services.

Funerals that have already been arranged and that are due to take place in the next few days;

Generally, funerals are arranged and take place between one and three weeks after death has occurred. It is possible that, in the coming days funeral arrangements and the service itself may have to be changed or curtailed in some way at short notice. The possible reasons for making changes are as follows;

  • One or more members of the close family may have to ‘self-isolate’ and cannot attend the funeral
  • The person leading the funeral service, such as a minister or civil celebrant, may have to ‘self-isolate’ at short notice. It may not be possible to find a replacement in time?
  • There are necessary legal requirements and procedures that must be performed before a funeral can take place. The Coroner’s office, Registrar of Births and Deaths, both hospital Doctors and GP ‘s, Medical Referees, Pathologists, Crematorium Authorities and Funeral Directors all have staffing requirements that are susceptible to illness and who may have to self-isolate.
  • Other key people or organisations that may have a significant impact on the funeral include; crematorium and cemetery staff, florists, caterers, printers and organists to name but a few.

All funerals and funeral arrangements that Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd are organising are on the on our ‘Funeral Announcement’ page of this website. Any changes or amendments to funerals will be updated and clearly indicated as required. Please check the details before you attend the funeral. Any further enquiries, help or advice that you require please contact the office on 01274 571021.

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