Writing A Bucket List

Although some people do not like to talk about death, even acknowledging your own mortality can be a difficult task for some. It’s not all doom and gloom though. In fact, sometimes acknowledging that you will pass away one day will actually be an incentive to do all of those things that you have always [...]

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Arranging a Dignified Funeral for Less

Many people believe that arranging a truly dignified funeral has to be incredibly expensive.  We understand that arranging a funeral for a loved one can often be a difficult time, this can often be made even more stressful by the added financial stress from funeral costs. At Joseph A Hey Funerals, this does not have to [...]

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The Aftermath Of A Funeral

As the one if the oldest funeral directors in the UK, Joseph A Hey & Son has helped guide thousands of families through the emotionally taxing process of saying goodbye to their loved ones. The period following the death of a loved one can be very tumultuous as the end of life arrangements, wills and [...]

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Low Cost Funerals in Halifax – The Benefits Of A Pre-Paid Funeral plan

Pre-paid funerals have risen in popularity in recent years because they are a great way of paying for the cost of your funeral in affordable monthly payments. Hey Funerals offers low-cost funerals in Halifax, Bradford and West Yorkshire while specialising in flexible pre-paid funeral plans. Many plans are also guaranteed under the Golden Charter trust [...]

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A Guide To Floral Arrangements

The floral arrangements for a funeral can are as much of a symbolic gesture as they are a display of natural beauty. Flowers have been commonplace at funerals for centuries and almost represent a fitting parallel of our own mortality in that their youthful scent, vibrancy and fragility will inevitably fade as they also come [...]

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How To Write A Touching Eulogy

Funerals are a celebration of life, a time where loved ones and those close to the deceased can look back and reflect fondly in the happy memories of the past. The format and layout of many funerals can vary with readings, hymns and even audio-visual displays playing a part in the proceedings. Those close to [...]

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