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The Grief Process

Helping you to manage the grief process after a funeral in Bradford

After burial planning and dealing with grief

When faced with the loss of a loved one, you will experience a range of emotions that are a normal part of recovery. At the time, it can be hard, perhaps even impossible to imagine your life moving once more in a positive direction, and the decisions you have to make so soon after a death can be painful. But a good funeral that pays fitting tribute to the deceased, allowing you to say a proper farewell helps, as does time and a kind, supportive and experienced funeral home. 

There is nothing unusual about grieving, it is “normal” and most people will make a “normal” recovery without a great deal of assistance. Some, however, get stuck somewhere in the process of recovery and need help. Most of the time, bereavement causes a great deal of pain. When loss has occurred and the bereaved person has been diverted from the accustomed course of life, a number of psychological forces come into effect. There are a number different stages of grief that a person might go through before the process of recovery can begin. Not everyone experiences all of these emotions, and some stages may last longer than others. In other words, everyone is different. Those stages are:

  1. Shock: a feeling of numbness in which the rest of the world seems to be carrying on but with the person no longer being part of it.
  2. Denial: the strong feeling that death cannot possibly have occurred, as though some mistake has been made. This begins at the moment of loss and has its major impact during the first two to three days.
  3. Sorrow: the sadness that develops as the person becomes aware that an irreversible loss has occurred. This can be a sensation of physical pain or even guilt at not having been able to do more, which makes it important that an individual be able to express grief in a way that feels right for them.
  4. Anger: though irrational, people often feel anger directing it at a variety of things, from God (for letting death happen) to friends and family (for not understanding or for not being bereaved themselves), themselves (for not coping), and the deceased (for having died and left them).
  5. Recovery: after a period of apathy or depression, the bereaved individual becomes able again to make positive plans for the future and find pleasure in everyday experiences. Life will never be the same again, but it can now be lived in a healthy manner.

Spreading the ashes

In the case of cremation, spreading the ashes is important after burial planning. Following the cremation of each coffin, Joseph A Hey & Son collects the ashes, anywhere in Bradford and West Yorkshire, and can scatter them in the crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance at no cost to you. Alternatively, they can be collected by relatives to be interred in a family grave or scattered in a place requested by the deceased or that seems appropriate. This can be an important part of the grief process, helping you to move on.

“Many thanks for a very professional job – the family are very pleased with the quality of the work.”
Wrenthorpe, Wakefield
“We would like to thank you for the excellent work you have carried out on the Memorial Wall at St. John’s Church Moor Allerton. The congregation have expressed their gratitude for your kindness in carrying out this work, as your contribution to the Millennium celebrations.”
Moor Allerton, Leeds
“… with grateful thanks for your prompt and efficient execution of the work.”
Collingham, Wetherby
“…Everything has been carried out to my complete satisfaction and the final result is just as expected.
Many, many thanks for all your efforts on my behalf.”
Failsworth, Manchester
“Many thanks. We are very pleased with the tablet”
Weymouth, Dorset
“…may I take this opportunity to express all out thanks for completing the beautiful inscription for my father on the memorial and replacing it before the funeral. it brightened what was a very sad day and we were able to place the floral tributes around it.
We are completely satisfied with your high-quality workmanship…”
Kelfield, York
“…My daughter & I are ever so pleased with the Memorial & thank you ever so much…”
Bury, Lancashire
“I would like to take this opportunity to say a most heartfelt thank you for your kindness professionalism and excellent workmanship.
We gave you very little time to complete the memorial for my mother, but true to your word you completed not only on time but ahead of schedule.
On my behalf would you please thank everyone involved.”

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