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After the death of a loved one, arranging a funeral can be a huge burden to undertake. At Joseph A Hey Son, we understand that this can be a sensitive issue, for this reason, we make it our priority as a funeral director in Bingley to help our customers to easily organise a dignified funeral for their loved one while also ensuring that the service is affordable, whatever your budget may be. If you are looking to plan a funeral in Bingley then contact us today on 01274 571021 to find how we can help during this time. 


Choosing The Right Funeral Plan


If you are planning a funeral, it is essential that you choose the most suitable funeral plan. Although some people may require a traditional service at a church, there is a range of options available. For instance, many people may have specific religious needs, requiring a Hindu funeral service, whereas others may wish to have a very simple and affordable funeral without any service. Having this conversation with your loved ones will ensure that all of your requirements are met, lessening the burden on your friends and family in the future. 


For those that do not wish to have a traditional service, our simple funeral plan is a great choice for a simple yet dignified funeral. By organising the funeral during normal working hours, we will be able to offer a reduced rate, while taking care of the doctor and disbursement fees. This funeral plan is suitable if the family and loved ones will not be able to attend a ceremony. 


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Planning Ahead


Although it is often not talked about, planning ahead for a funeral is a very important thing to do. For example, writing a will is essential if you wish to leave any specific possessions to your loved ones. Although it may seem like a difficult task to do or something that you would rather avoid, once it is done it will be out of the way. On top of this, registering yourself as an organ donor is something that many people forget about. By registering as an organ donor, you can save someone’s life when you die. If you haven’t had the chance to think about this, it is worth considering. 


Funeral prices have steadily increased over the years. In order to avoid this increase in cost,  we have options for prepaid funeral plans in order to freeze the price of the funeral at today’s prices. Whether you are looking to pay for this plan in one lump sum or in monthly payments, this is a very popular option in order to reduce the cost of a funeral in the future. 


Help With Funeral Costs


Even with the simple funeral plan, there can still be some people that greatly struggle to afford the costs associated with planning a funeral. Luckily, if you are struggling financially, you may be eligible to receive some help with funeral costs. Depending on whether you are eligible or not, you may be entitled to up to £700 to go towards transport, the cost of cremation, burial and even the service itself. To find out more, be sure to visit our website or call us on 01274 571021


Funeral Directors Bingley


So if you are looking for funeral directors in Bingley, Joseph A Hey Son have offering funeral services for many years. Helping you to plan a funeral no matter what your budget is. Be sure to check out our blog to find out more about ways to plan a funeral to meet your requirements and visit our website to see the various funeral services we offer. 

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