Cheap Funerals in Skipton

Organising a funeral for a loved one can often be an incredibly stressful experience. On top of this, you also have to consider the financial costs associated with arranging the funeral. With so many considerations to make, the funeral can soon become a financial burden for the family. At Joseph A Hey Funerals, we understand that unfortunately, organising a funeral is generally an unavoidable part of life and so it should be possible to arrange a dignified funeral, no matter what budget you have to spend. In fact, we have a range of cheaper funeral options available to ensure that your loved one receives a send-off to remember, without having to break the bank. 

So no matter how simple or elaborate the funeral is, if you are looking, Joseph A Hey funerals will endeavour to make this as affordable as possible. In this article, we run through a few ways to organise a cheap funeral in Skipton so you can organise a dignified service for less. 

A simple Funeral Service


In the event that family or loved ones will not be attending the funeral, a traditional funeral service may not be the most suitable option. By opting for a simple funeral, this will greatly reduce the cost. If you are looking to arrange a simple funeral in Skipton then make sure to contact our team today. A simple funeral plan will be arranged during regular working hours and we are able to keep the deceased in a private chapel until the day of the funeral. The price can also be further reduced by using an environmentally friendly, cardboard coffin. 

As part of the simple funeral package, any doctor fees for disbursement will be paid and cremation fees will also be paid to the local crematorium. During the cremation, it will not be necessary for any relatives or loved ones to attend. After the cremation, the ashes will be available to collect at a time that is convenient. In the event that you do not wish to collect the remains, we can also place the remains in the appropriate garden of remembrance.

Low Price Funeral

In the event that you do wish to have a small funeral service for family and close friends then it may be more suitable to choose the low price funeral package. This package is an extremely affordable option, allowing you to organise the funeral outside of normal working hours with all of the administration tasks taken care of, giving you less to think about during this stressful time. 


Affordable Funeral Service


In order to reduce the costs of the funeral service in further, it is important to plan the funeral service as early as possible. We offer funeral payment plans that will allow you to freeze the price of the funeral at today’s price leaving no surprises further down the line. By planning a funeral and opting for a prepaid plan it is much easier to ensure that any requirements for your funeral are met. For anyone that is struggling financially, you may also be eligible for financial help. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for help with funeral costs you can visit our website to find out more. 


White flower


A Respectful Funeral For Any Budget

At Joseph A Hey Son we have been helping people to organise cheap but dignified funerals in Skipton for many years. We believe that you can afford a respectful funeral no matter what your budget is. Enquiring early is the best way to avoid any surprise costs in the future. If you wish to find out more about cheap funerals in Skipton then call us on 0800 783 2225.

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