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Arranging a funeral for a loved one can often be a very difficult time in anyone’s life, it is also generally unavoidable. With so much to think about, the price of a funeral can also cause a lot of stress and worry. If you are feeling overwhelmed during this time, Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd have been organizing funerals for over 100 years. Not only do we offer a high-quality funeral service, but we also provide these services at a very reasonable price. We offer funeral services for a variety of different religions, so you can be sure that your loved one is buried in accordance with their religious beliefs. We can also offer services to include the arrangement of the funeral as well as conducting the actual service. If you are looking for an affordable and dignified funeral to truly pay tribute to a loved one then contact us or call us on 01274 571021 and we will do everything we can to help you.


At Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd, we have a range of funeral options to help to keep the cost of the service down.

We understand that many people cannot afford to organise an expensive funeral for a loved one. We also believe that this shouldn’t mean that they can’t give them a memorable send-off. This is one of the reasons that we also offer simple but respectful funeral packages. On top of this, if you are still struggling with funeral costs, you may be eligible for financial help if certain criteria are met. Make sure to check whether you are eligible for any help with funeral costs.


When considering funeral costs, there are several different fees that you need to consider. We also offer complete packages at very affordable prices. Although it may seem rather morbid to start planning a funeral in advance, planning a funeral is a great way to reduce any financial burden in the future.

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Funeral Director Fees


When considering the cost of a funeral, one thing you need to consider is the funeral directors fees. This includes the collection, storage and preparation of the body from the time of death until the day of the funeral. This also includes the price of the coffin, which can vary greatly depending on your requirements. We offer simple coffins that are often much cheaper than that of a coffin used in a traditional service, with coffin tops and cardboard coffins as a much cheaper option. Although they may be cheaper, they are by no means any less dignified. This is one of the reasons that Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd has become a great choice for cheap funerals in Bingley.


Disbursement Fees


Disbursement fees can include any part of the service that occurs after the funeral ceremony has taken place. These fees are often paid to third parties by ourselves, our cheaper funeral services include all disbursement fees including the statutory doctor fees and the cremation fees. For more information, make sure to visit our page detailing all of our funeral costs. At Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd we would always recommend planning ahead and this is one of the reasons that we always aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the prices of our funeral services.


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Additional Services


Although you may be looking to organise a cheap funeral, there are also additional services such as the wake arrangements that we offer on top of our low-cost funeral packages. If your loved one has requested for any specific additional services for their funeral then it may be worth adding this to the original package, bearing in mind that our comprehensive packages already include the essential funeral services.


Cheap Funerals

If you are looking to arrange a funeral in Bingley, there is no need to break the bank. Today, many people do not wish to put their loved ones through the stress of organising an elaborate funeral and we have found that a simple funeral can still be a great day to remember a loved one. To find out more, call our funeral directors today on 01274 571021.


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