How do I Help The Bereaved?

If you are looking for funeral directors in Halifax then you will most likely be having to undertake the difficult yet necessary task of arranging a funeral for a loved one. If not, it may be that you are seeking advice on behalf of a recently bereaved friend or family member. As a long established funeral director with over 108 years of experience, we often receive questions from individuals who are slightly apprehensive and nervous about dealing with someone who has suffered a recent loss. This is usually because they want to be sensitive towards the bereaved’s emotional state and don’t want to say anything offensive or insensitive. If someone close to you has recently suffered a loss then try to keep the following in mind:

Let The Grieving Process Take Place

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Grieving is an extremely personal process that cannot be rushed, fast-tracked or interfered with. If an individual close to you is grieving then it is important to let them express their grief in whatever way they feel comfortable. Your role as a friend, family or close relative is to support them during this process so try not to interfere with the grieving process. For example, some individuals may be very conservative with expressing their grief with little outward display. You shouldn’t therefore suggest that they “let it all out” or express themselves or vice versa.

Watch Out For Unhealthy Behaviour

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The stress of losing someone close can lead to people turning to unhealthy forms of release such as drink and drugs. If you notice that the bereaved has started drinking more or starting to use drugs then it is important to intervene. It’s important to realise that unhealthy behaviours are not limited to substance abuse, they can also include excessive exercise, increased promiscuity bad diet and other risky behaviours.

Offer Everyday Help

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Experiencing a loss can be debilitating and individuals can often find themselves low on energy and unmotivated. It is important that you make the effort to offer assistance with everyday tasks like food shopping, lifts, school pickups or even taking care of dinner. Consistently offering practical help with day-to-day tasks will alleviate a lot of stress and will help the bereaved feel supported and stronger. This applies to the period after the funeral and in the run-up. Joseph A Hey is an independent funeral directors in Halifax and takes a personalised and sensitive approach to all clients and regularly work with friends and family who are offering support to the bereaved.

Suggest Activities

Suggesting regular activities like walks, watching a film or even just a coffee can provide a basis for forming a regular schedule. This helps a bereaved individual know that there is someone there for them. Loneliness following the passing of a loved one can create a huge void in someone’s life which is why regular contact and inclusion is essential as it can alleviate the intensity of the grief. Regular activities also act as a small source of stimulation for the bereaved and provide pleasure and reassurance.     

Funeral Directors In Halifax

A lot of people have not experienced having to support someone who has recently been bereaved so being faced with such a sensitive issue can be confusing. Since 1908 Joseph A Hey has earned the reputation as being the most trusted funeral directors in Halifax and have over a century of experience dealing with the practicalities of end of life, and the personal issues that our clients may go through. The underlying sum of this article is to have patience, the grieving process can take time so be sure to offer support and attention but be receptive to the moods and feelings of the bereaved.

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