How To Write A Touching Eulogy

Funerals are a celebration of life, a time where loved ones and those close to the deceased can look back and reflect fondly in the happy memories of the past. The format and layout of many funerals can vary with readings, hymns and even audio-visual displays playing a part in the proceedings. Those close to the deceased often feel compelled to share some unique, touching and even humorous moments with the service as a form of remembrance. Stories and tales are a great way for those attending to truly appreciate the character and personality of the deceased.

Understandably funerals can be emotionally intense, the mixture of emotions such as grief, joy, sorrow and unity can make it difficult to deliver your spoken tribute the way you want. As an experienced team of funeral directors, we have seen many touching tributes over the years and have some valuable tips on how to plan an execute the ultimate tribute.  

Consider Who Will Be Attending The Funeral

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When writing the content of your speech you need to establish some kind of idea as to who will be attending. This is because you need to make sure you craft your words appropriately so they don’t cause offence to the bereaved. By all means, risque and amusing stories are fine if you know 100% that those closest to the deceased are in the right emotional state to appreciate them.

Focus On Positives, Not The Loss

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There is an impression that funerals are an occasion symbolic of a loss. While the departed have physically passed, funerals are meant to represent a celebration of life, gratitude and time where those close to the deceased are brought together to reflect on the positive impact they have had. When writing a speech your aim should be to heal those listening by highlighting how unique and special the deceased was rather than focusing on the narrative of loss.   


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In a similar vein to the last point, many people are socially conditioned to view funerals as a time of loss where sincerity, sentiment and romanticism are mandatory. Whilst this is absolutely fine in many cases, it may be that such forms of tribute do not accurately reflect the character of the deceased or candour of the occasion. The funeral is the one occasion where friends, family and acquaintances can reflect honestly and appreciate the good side of the deceased. We are one of the oldest funeral directors in the UK and have assisted many customers with advice on how to write touching and sincere speeches. If you would like to discuss this matter as part of a plan then please contact us today.   

Breathe, Speak Slowly

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Public speaking can be challenging and even though some individuals may find it easier than others, the influence of emotion and nerves can overcome your ability to deliver a clear and paced speech. The best way to deliver an articulate tribute is to breathe and relax. A constant flow of oxygen will calm the body and keep the heart rate down. Remember to speak slowly and clearly, this is your personal tribute to someone close to you so take your time and do not rush. This will ensure that you are heard clearly by all.

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