A Guide To Floral Arrangements

The floral arrangements for a funeral can are as much of a symbolic gesture as they are a display of natural beauty. Flowers have been commonplace at funerals for centuries and almost represent a fitting parallel of our own mortality in that their youthful scent, vibrancy and fragility will inevitably fade as they also come to pass. As established funeral directors, we provide a range of floral wreaths, coffin tributes, casket sprays and tied sheaves that can be designed to your exact specification. Different types of flowers have special individual meanings and are carry their own symbolism. Many individuals choose certain flowers to personalise their tribute.













Lilies have been revered for centuries all the way back to the ancient Greek times where they were said to have been created from the milk of the goddess Hera. The flower came to represent the virtue of purity and innocence which led to many Greek brides wearing lilies at their weddings. Lilies are used at funerals to represent the re-purification and cleansing of the deceased’s soul and the return to a youthful state. Lilies come in a variety of colours such as white, pink, red, orange and yellow but white is commonplace at funerals as it specifically represents purity and innocence.



Hydrangea flowers










Hydrangea flowers are very distinct in appearance and boast beautifully bunched light blue coloured petals. As plants, they require a lot of water which can be a symbolic tribute to the deceased’s flair for living life to the full. They also make a very bold impact which is used to represent the vibrancy and richness of the deceased’s personality and their impact on the world. Owing to the appearance of their dense bunched petals Hydrangeas are often used to make floral lettering.  


Red roses bunch










Roses are a classically well-known flower and make a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. They represent a singular tribute to the deceased and with different colours representing different tributes, it gives a chance for different mourners to pay their respects on an individual basis. Yellow roses represent friendship, whilst pink represents love and dark red represents sorrow.  


Red Hibiscus Flowers











Red hibiscus is an unusual flower but has been used as a tribute due to its brilliance and beauty. Traditionally, red Hibiscus is said to represent feminine beauty and fragility and many individuals use it to pay tribute if the deceased is female and young. The flower comes in many different colours including white, yellow, pink, purple and red allowing you to fully personalise your floral tribute. Visit our website to find out more about our flower arrangement services.


Forget me not bunch










One of the best-known remembrance flowers is the iconic forget-me-not. Representing the ultimate mark of respect, loyalty, love and devotion this flower is the embodiment of undying commitment and unity. Forget-me-nots tend to grow in clumps and there are many different colours, however the calm blue petals are most used as part of floral tributes. Forget-me-nots also grow in untamed abundance especially in shaded areas such as woods or valleys and their light petals serve as a constant reminder for all of us to remember the deceased and keep their memory alive.    

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