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Unfortunately, funerals are an inevitable part of life and it may be that you are one day tasked with arranging a funeral for a family member or loved one. These can be difficult times and the stress of losing someone can be often compounded with the stress of additional end of life arrangements such as gathering personal effects, arranging probate and wills. The cost of funerals can vary depending on the type of service you want for your loved one and this can mount up, causing further stress. Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd pride themselves on offering high-quality cheap funerals in Bradford. We believe that no matter what budget, a beautiful and dignified service for everyone is a god given right.

The total cost of a funeral is made up of a number of small separate fees which culminates in an overall cost.  


Funeral Directors Fees


The fee for funeral directors encompasses collection, storage and preparation of the deceased from the time of death to the date of the funeral. We will also provide caskets the type of which varies depending on your choice. We realise that funeral director fees can amount to a considerable cost which is why we make every effort to offer a service that reflects value. This has resulted in Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd becoming known as the first choice for cheap funerals in Bradford and West Yorkshire.   



Disbursement Costs












The disbursements fee refers to the cost of service associated with burying or cremating the deceased after the funeral has taken place. As your funeral directors, we provide care and preparation of the deceased along with transportation and other organisational duties. Costs such as crematorium/burial charges, medical certificates, service ministers and floral tributes are all provided by third parties and are paid for by us on your behalf.

At Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd we offer a range of flexible pre-paid funeral plans which can be arranged to the finest detail. After these arrangements have been made, the quoted costs of the plan will be inclusive of everything discussed unless you opt to add further extras.  



Additional Extras

Choosing a floral tribute










You will find that the third main expense encountered when paying for a funeral is the option to add personalised extras. Even if it’s just a modest floral tribute, we all want something that honours a sense of personality and character. Extras can range from headstones, published funeral notices, obituaries, urns, limousines for the bereaved and even wake arrangements.  


Cheap Funerals In Bradford With Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd


Funeral directors Bradford










There was once a time not that long ago that the act of finding the best prices for funerals was considered a taboo and somewhat an affront to the dignity of the deceased. This is no longer the case and realistically cost is something needs to be brought into consideration. Many individuals outrightly do not want the cost of a premium priced funeral to strain their loved ones which why Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd seek to provide the highest quality cheap funerals in Bradford.

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