Planning Your Own Funeral Arrangements?

Planning Your Own Funeral Arrangements?

The mere thought that our lives are subjected to the inevitability of death terrifies us beyond measure.

We do everything to keep ourselves safe and sound, but the reality is that we are born into the world to live our lives, make an impact, and leave some day.

Death can strike at odd timings and in ways we’d never expect, these are the aspects that are inevitable, though the manner in which our last rites are performed can surely be planned well ahead of our time with the aid of funeral planning.

Funeral planning is a positive organisational step that many of us fail to acknowledge simply because death is seen as a bad omen that no one wants to talk about. The list of benefits that accompany funeral planning is plenty.

Firstly, the ball is in your court; funeral planning lets you decide what and who you want at your funeral.

Additionally, prepaid funerals clear the air around any financial support that your loved ones might need to arrange while dealing with the loss as it is already taken care of.

Funeral planning is a simple way to show your loved ones that you care for them enough to make room for them to grieve without having to take up the burden of planning a funeral.

In this process, you are not only supporting yourself but also your family and loved ones.



Compassionate and Supportive Funeral Directors

Are looking to plan your funeral or make arrangements for a loved one, you’ve come to the right place.

At Joseph A Hey & Son, we understand that there that losing a loved one can be a testing time.

Not to add the costs and efforts associated with planning a funeral that can prove to be an additional burden during what is already an emotionally stressful time.

Prepaid funeral plans are designed to alleviate the grieving process by lifting the financial burden off the family.

A few of our other services and products include:

–          Making a will

–          Planning a loved one’s funeral

–          Coffin covers

–          Headstones

–          Memorial insurance

Our team of experienced funeral directors are here to assist you in giving a proper farewell to your loved one.

If you wish to begin preparing for your own funeral, call our funeral services team on 01274 571021.

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