How to Best Handle the Sudden Loss of a Loved One

Death is already a morbid subject and despite our attempts to focus on the positive, like it or not, people do die and sometimes it is sudden. It can be hard to comprehend that the person we hugged only yesterday is no longer with us and we become filled with a range of powerful emotions – regret, guilt, anger and frustration, to mention but a few.

At Joseph A Hey & Son we know how hard the emotional pull is at times of loss. Here are a few suggestions which could help strengthen you.

Talking Helps

If you are suffering the sudden loss of a loved one, talking to a good friend or family member is usually a positive step to take, as it allows for a release of pent up emotions that often are the cause of our over-thinking. Of course, in a perfect world, all of our loved ones would pass away in their sleep at the grand old age of 100, yet sadly, life is not like that. Every person deals with grief in a different way and generally speaking, it does help to discuss your feelings with someone close and there are groups that offer counsel those who have suffered an unexpected loss.

Keep Busy

There will obviously be funeral arrangements to be made, which involves choosing headstones at the funeral directors and should the person be one that organised pre-paid funerals, that is one less thing to concern yourself with. Sometimes it takes an unexpected loss to make us realise that we should all make the necessary provisions, which makes things much easier for those we leave behind.

Avoid Being Alone

Spending too much time alone is not recommended if you are grieving a family member’s loss, as this is the time when we think about what has happened. The funeral arrangements will go a long way towards keeping your mind focused on practical matters and if you have recently lost your partner, for example, it might be a good idea to stay with family for a while, as the new environment can help to ease the turmoil. This is the one time when your immediate family can help by giving you comfort and support during such a difficult time and if you are now living alone, why not ask a close family member to stay with you for a while.

Take a Short Holiday

One of the best things for someone who has suffered a sudden and unexpected loss is to get away from it all for a while. Perhaps when the funeral is over and all legal matters have been attended to, a short holiday with a close friend or family member can help to take your mind off the fact that your loved one is no longer by your side.

Time is a good healer and it is always worth remembering that as time goes by, your grieving will take its natural course and with the help of family and friends, you can begin to look to the future.

For Sympathetic Funeral Arrangements

Should you have recently suffered an unexpected loss and you live in the Bradford area, please feel free to contact Joseph A Hey & Son. Call us on 01274 571021 and we will do whatever we can to help you by handling all of the funeral arrangements exactly how your loved one desired.


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