Three Reasons Why You Might Like to Consider a Prepaid Funeral

Three Reasons Why You Might Like to Consider a Prepaid Funeral

Death is often a difficult subject to broach, as even if you or a loved one know that the time you have left to spend with family and friends is coming to an end, making that final step and putting plans into motion can feel all too real.

In addition, the cost of providing a funeral can amount to a not insignificant sum of money.

Leaving some families with the added burden of having to fund a funeral that they simply can’t afford.

As experienced funeral directors, Joseph A Hey & Son have helped many families and individuals in Bradford and West Yorkshire plan their funerals with the assistance of a low cost prepaid funeral plan, providing peace of mind that the financial aspects of their funeral have been taken care of.

There are many benefits to arranging a prepaid funeral plan, some may provide an advantage to you and your family.

1. Protection from Rising Funeral Costs

The cost of the services and products that are required in providing a funeral service are subject to price increases over time.

In addition, the cost of arranging a funeral usually rises in tandem with inflation, meaning that the cost of hiring a hearse for example may now be more than it was only a year ago.

Taking out a low cost prepaid funeral plan allows you to lock in the cost of your funeral.

Guaranteeing that you will not pay any more, regardless of when your funeral takes place in the future.

2. Flexible and Affordable Payment Options

Difficulties can arise when people are required to find a lump sum of money for a funeral.

Depending on the type of funeral, costs can quickly add up & result in a bill which could cost thousands.

The stress of having to find such a sum of money at what can be short notice can be unbearable, which is why the ability to set up an affordable payment plan prior to the funeral being required is an advantageous way to spread the cost over a more manageable period of time.

3. The Ability to Plan the Funeral That You Want

Many of our customers have very specific wishes in terms of the type of funeral service that they desire.

Taking out a low cost prepaid funeral plan is the perfect way to ensure that you receive the funeral you want.

Whilst at the same time relieving your family of the burden of having to plan a funeral..

Joseph A Hey & Son: Low Cost Prepaid Funerals in Bradford

To discuss your options for a prepaid funeral plan, speak to a member of our team on 01274 571021.

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