A Guide to Purchasing a Headstone or Memorial Stone

A Guide to Purchasing a Headstone or Memorial Stone

A Guide to Purchasing a Headstone or Memorial Stone


















For funerals in the UK which result in a burial, the grave is typically marked with a headstone or memorial stone which is intended to leave a lasting physical memory of the deceased.

Some families, deciding on the right headstone is relatively easy as they know exactly how their loved one would like to be remembered.

For others, the process can be much more difficult due to the amount of choice there is when deciding on the size, type and material that your headstone will be crafted from.

As experienced funeral directors and stonemasons, Joseph A Hey & Son have the ability to craft bespoke headstones for all of our customers, and as part of this service, can assist with the design process to ensure that you’re provided with the headstone that is right for you.

Types of Headstone

There are three types of headstone which are typically used for burial sites in the UK.

Each one provides something different, and in turn, there are several different headstones which can be supplied within the same type category.

The three main types of headstone include:

  • Upright Headstones – The most common headstone used to mark graves. Available in a range of sizes and colours for placement at the head of a grave.
  • Flat Headstones – Sometimes also known as tablets or flat markers, this type of headstone is imbedded into the earth and can either sit flush or be raised slightly from the rear.
  • Kerbed Headstones – This type of headstone is usually full length, covering the entire site of the grave with a tall kerbed perimeter.

Each headstone offers something different so the decision is usually made on personal tastes as well as cost.

Headstone Materials

The two most commonly used materials to craft a headstone from are stone and granite.

Some cemeteries will stipulate a preference in material so it’s always best to check first before coming to a decision.

  • Granite is very durable and is also the cheapest material to craft a headstone from.                                                                                                                                                                                                    (It is also available in a range of colours dependent upon your requirements).
  • Headstones made from stone fall into sub categories with the two most common being limestone and Nabresina.                                                                                                                                (Whilst not as durable as granite, they make a good alternative if the look of this material is preferred).

Headstone Inscriptions

All headstones can inscribed with both text and images as required.

Once you’ve decided on your inscription, you can also choose its appearance by way of the font used.

Gilded, painted, raised or brushed inscriptions are all an option.

Wright & Sons Ltd:Providing Headstones Across West Yorkshire and the UK

As skilled stonemasons, we can craft a range of bespoke headstones for all customers across the UK.

For more information, about personalised gravestone or headstone, speak to a member of our team on 01274 571021.

Wright & Sons Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Joseph A Hey & Son Ltd

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