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What is a Will

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Have you made a Will? Is it legally binding? If you have possessions you want to pass on to children or loved ones, a will is essential. At Joseph A Hey & Son we offer advice on will-writing so that you can ensure your wishes are respected after your death. By creating specific instructions, you can guarantee a funeral that rightly pays tribute to your life. Will preparation is also a means of managing your affairs, from giving simple gifts to friends all the way through to appointing guardians of young children.

Strictly speaking everyone should make a will, but unfortunately not many people do. If you do not make a will, the law will decide who will take charge of your financial affairs after your death, called ‘personal representatives’. The law will also define who will receive everything you own, usually called the ‘beneficiaries’. This may mean that someone unsuitable may be dealing with your financial matters and someone may benefit whom you did not wish to do so. Making a will usually involves professionals whether they are solicitors, professional will writers or banks.

A will form can be purchased from a post office and, if properly filled in and witnessed correctly, is valid. However, a professional advisor such as a solicitor, bank representative or a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers will be able to produce a better will and there is less chance of any misrepresentation or mistake being made. A will needs to cater for different eventualities that you may not have considered. There may be Inheritance Tax implications which affect certain decisions regarding the will and you will need advice about potential problems that may arise. As a result, it’s important you seek guidance from experts in will writing, such as Joseph A Hey & Son. 

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Executors of wills

An important part of will writing is to appoint an executor who will accept the duties and responsibilities attached to the will and ensure that the instructions defined in the will are carried out to the letter. More often than not an executor will be aware of their appointment prior to death taking place. The Executor could be the professional making out the will, a close friend or a member of the family. Once death has occurred it is very important to know the will’s whereabouts as soon as possible after death and to establish the deceased’s wishes regarding their funeral. Often, for example, instructions are included about specific funeral requirements such as where the service should be held or what should be done with the cremated remains (ashes) after the cremation (see Pre-funeral planning).


Will preparation also allows you to express a desire for your body to be bequeathed to medical science. It is very important to know if the deceased has expressed a wish in life for their body to be bequeathed to medical science. In such circumstances there will be written documentation that has been pre-prepared in conjunction with the medical school concerned. This information about the deceased’s final wishes must be acted upon as soon as practicable due to the speed with which medical schools require a body after death. Although the deceased may have expressly wished their body to be left to medical science, the availability of a place at the medical school concerned, together with the final illness and subsequent cause of death may in fact mean that the medical school refuses to accept the bequeathal. Under these circumstances a funeral will have to take place which may contravene the deceased’s last wishes. Speak to our staff for more information on medical schools in Bradford and West Yorkshire.

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Further reading

At Joseph A Hey & Son, it’s our mission to ensure that you get the information and advice you need during this difficult time. Visit the following links to find out more about will writing and funerals in general:

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